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UChicago Cloud Services


The University of Chicago IT Services  is dedicated to providing cloud-ready resources with efficiency, security, and predictability while creating an environment for scholars to explore and innovate with freedom and flexibility.


Would your research benefit from the scalability, elasticity, and resources available in the cloud?  We can help set up a foundation for setting up your cloud account and point you to resources to learn more about how to take advantage of large-scale computation, big data, machine learning, and other pay-only-for-use cloud resources.  Contact us to learn more.


Would your students benefit from flexible, cloud-based content and programs in easy-to-launch environments using labs and compute resources?  Our cloud providers offer several options for educators.  Contact us to learn more.

IT Partners

Would your department benefit from the scalability, cheap storage, and flexible compute power and other resources available in the cloud?  Use centralized, secure, system administration to deploy and manage your cloud resources.

Cloud FAQ

Why should I use UChicago Cloud Services?


The services available through UChicago Cloud Services have gone through extensive review and negotiation by the University, and usually offer better legal and contractual terms than individuals can get directly through the provider. In addition the services available under these agreements may have better pricing than is offered to individuals. Contact us to learn more.

What cloud service providers are available for use at the University?

The University of Chicago has established relationships with all three major cloud service providers, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, for use at the University of Chicago.

Can I set up my own cloud account with a provider?

Nothing will stop you from creating your own account under your personal email, however, we strongly advise you partnering with the cloud team to assist you with creating your account and onboarding for reasons stated in the first FAQ.

What is the benefit of a University provided cloud account?

Our cloud team has knowledge experts who can guide you through your cloud journey as well as provide certain technical assistance.  Additionally, we provide certain billing, security and monitoring enhancements to accounts that make your environment safer and easier to manage.

How does billing work for cloud resources?

The University of Chicago is currently working with brokers for special rates and discounts for cloud resources.  Depending on the cloud provider you choose, there will be similar but different methods of billing.

Where can I go to learn more about cloud resources?
What free credits are available for universities?

Cloud providers have established specific resources and benefits for education and research.  Below are links to resources for additional information.  Should you have a question about free credits, please contact us for further assistance.